My Mind, It Is Blown

So, in the ongoing beffort to improve myself, Jen and I attended the Austin GDC last Friday.  Mostly very informative but dry stuff on game design and resumes, getting networking done...but there was one lecture that blew us away, given by Brenda Brathwaite.  If you don't know who she is, well:

I won't go into the exact details and bore you, gentle reader, but after the lecture...I've got some ideas, not just for game writing but for something entirely new to me.  Stay tuned.
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Godspped, Dave Arneson

Hi there.  It's been awhile, hasn't it?  Come on in.  I wish I were posting under better circumstances.

Earlier this week, Dave Arneson, co-creator of D&D and, more compellingly, leveled up and went to the Great GM's Table in the Sky.  Like as not, you've seen the cartoon over on Order of the Stick - and if you haven't, go there now - and maybe read Bruce Baugh's and Ken Hite's incredible and moving eulogies.

But let me tell you about me and Dave.

I never met the man; hell, I didn't even really know who he was until about 10 years ago.  But I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that he's one of the most influential people in my life.  When I heard he was ill, it was like a physical blow - so soon after the other founder of my beloved hobby, Gary Gygax, passed on.  And 61?  Bloody hell.  I am not too proud to say that thinking on that cracks my hard heart and brings tears to my eyes.  Beloved members of my family, such as it is, have passed on, and that weighs heavily on me.

Y'see, I spent pretty much the entirety of my teenage and all of my adult years to date gaming.  My longest-running campaign went on for 13 years.  Right now, I'm in 3 games and GMing two others.  Gaming has brought me the love of my life, my best friends, and a majillion hours of entertainment.  Gaming's informed my writing, my attitudes towards things, so many things.  I am a true and dyed-in-the-wool gaming geek.  I love my hobby, and so far it's returned my pursuit of it in ways I can't easily describe.

The history of gaming parallels the story of my life.  And now part of that history is history.  So, Godspeed, Dave.  You'll be missed.  And thank you.

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Bringing the Awesome

Wow, two updates in a month!  Madness, surely.  But today is all about Awesome. Collapse )
I cannot even look at this thing right now. The excerpts in this thread have me too pissed off already.

Fuck you, Dobson, you blaspheming piece of shit. You are a liar and a fearmonger and a wretched little man twisted by hate and horror of the Other. You are a made-up corpse, a white-washed charnel house, the spawn of serpents, a misleader of children for whom a millstone around the neck would be a mercy. You are an actor with a mask to make you seem fearsome and elevated shoes to make you seem grand. You are a hog trampling pearls into the muck, a rotted wineskin that would burst apart were it ever filled. You've made the House of Prayer into a den of thieves and whores and petty tyrants, and your back cries out for a lashing. You, personally, have done grievous harm to the Gospel of Christ, spattering the teaching of ultimate Love with a tarnish of hate and fear and naked ambition. Be damned to you, and your true master the Lord of Flies.

That, Constant Reader, is true righteous wrath.  I mean, man.  That's a scourging of the moneylenders in the Temple right there.  That's Kung-Fu Jesus.  In short, awesome.

And now, a cartoon:


October Surprise!

Well, ok, not much of a surprise, other than my updating this infrequently-updated journal.  *cue applause here*

*On the biz front - things are a bit stalled/slowed with PZP, due to a multitude of factors.  CnC's going to require a major respin due to delays (mostly my fault, and the Day Job), but it's coming right after Catacombs, which is finally in layout.  We're going to be expanding our support line beyond Superlink - MongTrav, Savage Worlds, True20, maybe some digital stuff.  The meeting tomorrow's going to be a lot of that.

*On the personal front, things are actually going pretty well - I've managed to reconnect with an old friend from college, who's living up in Portland now (hi, David!), the job is going well (though getting respect for what I do is a new and not entirely comfortable sensation), and the birthday is coming up.  I'm thinking post-apocalyptic for the party, with crappy '80s-style After the Bombpocalypse movies as entertainment.  And on that note...

*Presents!  I certainly don't require material goods, but I like 'em.  Right now, I'm angling for a few things:

Fallout 3 - latest heir to the venerable franchise, I've been waiting for this one.
Dead Space - another game, with a backstory by Warren Ellis
Hot War/Cold City - A couple of swell indie games from Malcolm Craig over at Contested Ground Studios
Hunter: the Vigil - This mostly 'cause my Global Frequency players are asking for some horror

More later.

How 'Bout That?

So here's a weird one for you - I got asked to appeal my RPG.Net ban, and it got lifted, successfully.  Within 30 minutes of that happening, PZP had multiple downloads of pretty much our entire catalog.


In other news, product dates for Catacombs and CnC #2 have slipped some, but they're coming out in August, likely along with our first True20 product, Way of the Gun and maybe, just maybe, a really cool surprise for you, Constant Reader.
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And now things get interesting...

For those of you that follow my infrequently-updated journal here, a couple quick bits of news:

1) There's two publishers in the pipe that have eschewed the WotC GSL in favor of...something else entirely:

Gareth is one of the, if not the, big names in PDF publishing, and KenzerCo isn't small potatoes either.  Should be interesting to see how this shakes out.

2) Catacombs of Mistress Hecate is almost done, and the final writing stuff for Capes and Crooks! #2 is nearing its completion.  I know there's a lot of folks out there wondering where CnC! is - well, I'm the hold up.  Terra Transformed has really blown up in my head, this crazy mix of superheroes, disaster films and Thundarr the Barbarian, and it's looking like we're going to have to split the setting into two issues.  Likely, if interest is there, we'll also be releasing it as a stand-alone.

Stay tuned.
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Ninja Cow Studios and Protocol Zero Productions are looking for playtesters interested in giving new material a run though and provide feedback. At the moment, we're looking for 3 roleplaying groups who would be willing to run an adventure intended for publication in the very near future.  We have a tight timeline for this, intending for playtesting to be completed within one month after the start date.  Playtesters will be required to sign an NDA and will receive credit in the product, along with a contributor's copy on publication.

Interested parties should direct inquiries to

Are You on the Global Frequency?

I figured I'd post about looking for players here on the ol' LJ, since I'm feeling emboldened after last night's first successful teleconference with Darren down in Melbourne. The webcam sucked, but holy crap...that was the most productive meeting we've had in months. There's tons of stuff coming up for C&C in particular, which has rapidly become our top product, and PZP in general, including some settings we'll be doing for True20. And (insert clever segue here) speaking of True20...
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Capes and Crooks! #2 - Update

We're hard at work on Issue 2 - the art's in, but we've had to bump a large-ish chunk of text and replace it out. Right now, we're filling the space with more goodies for a new ongoing feature: Alter-Earths! We'll be starting off with Terra Transformed...a decidedly different superhero setting.

1000 years after Earth's greatest heroes and villains have fallen in battle against the cosmic menace known only as the Primortal, civilizations struggles to rebuild. In the skies, the moon hangs shattered, its mother planet ringed with lunar debris, Luna's surface marred by the armored remains of its destroyer...and below, Earth is a frozen, desolate place, ruled over by tyrants and sorcerers, transformed by the evolutionary energies of the Primortal!

But where there is life, there is hope...and the dawn of a new age of heroes is about to begin when a young boy and his faithful companion discover a secret buried beneath the ice, a secret that will change the course of history again for Nu-Earth!

This mini-setting will introduce Nu-Earth. Ravaged by an ancient war, Nu-Earth struggles to not only survive, but rebuild...and defeat the descendants of supervillains that survived the catastrophe! Leading the fight against evil is Rangorr, the New Thunderer...but what legend will your heroes carve from the unforgiving wasteland of...Terra Transformed?