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Are You on the Global Frequency?

I figured I'd post about looking for players here on the ol' LJ, since I'm feeling emboldened after last night's first successful teleconference with Darren down in Melbourne. The webcam sucked, but holy crap...that was the most productive meeting we've had in months. There's tons of stuff coming up for C&C in particular, which has rapidly become our top product, and PZP in general, including some settings we'll be doing for True20. And (insert clever segue here) speaking of True20...
There are a thousand and one people on the Global Frequency.

A worldwide independent defense intelligence organization with a thousand and one agents, all over the world. Anyone you know might be with them. It's the world's little open secret.

You could be sitting there watching the news and suddenly hear an unusual cellphone tone, and within moments you might see your neighbor leaving the house in a hurry, wearing a jacket or a shirt with the distinctive Global Frequency symbol... or, hell, your girlfriend might answer the phone, and then put on her Global Frequency badge and promise to explain later... for all you know, they have your file, and you'll be recruited next... anyone could be on the Global Frequency, and you'd never know until they got the call...

...from Aleph, central dispatcher for the Global Frequency, getting her orders from Miranda Zero, creator and operator of the organization. Not her real name, but the only one you're getting. Her real name and identity were erased from the world's records the moment she went into business for herself. Global Frequency is run on the cash she made doing bad things in the Nineties, and on the hush money paid her by the G-8 industrialized nations for...

...for what the Global Frequency does. Clearing up after the 20th Century. Keeping an eye on the bad mad things in the dark that the public never found out about. All the black projects, the mad science, the chilly encounters with the unknown, the Cold War traps... they're all sitting there like landmines. Eventually someone will trip over one of them. Global Frequency are there to catch them when they fall, and defuse the mines before they explode into mainstream consciousness and cause more pain and horror than they already have...

Or, at least that's how it used to work.

Now, in 2011, Miranda Zero's on the run, hunted by the same people she's saved. Framed by a global conspiracy, the Frequency must operate in secret, continuing the vital work they were once renowned and reviled for, before the world is plunged into inescapable chaos and horror. Can they stop the rising tide of madness and halt a war 50,000 years in the making?

Are you on the Global Frequency?

We're recruiting new players for an ongoing Global Frequency-inspired True20 campaign! Set in the near future, the agents of the Frequency are no longer open secret heroes, but shadow warriors battling to halt the New Cold War before it goes hot. The campaign meets bi-weekly in North Austin/Round Rock.

E-mail mcarroll (at) protocolzero.com for details.

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