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So, with the collapse of the pulp game (every single one of which is cursed, cursed, I tell you!), and the mean little teasers for Fallout 3 out there right now, I'm thinking of starting up a new game. Likely run through one of the online clients out there, no less, since my time and others' is at a premium.

Post-apocalyptic is our genre. This was reinforced by my watching the really excellent 28 Weeks Later yesterday. I have one apoc/post-apoc campaign semi written (Amused to Death), but I'm saving that for either True20 Quarterly (after we submit Dread Seas), or grabbing the Tr20 license and self-publishing through PZP.

So the question to you, constant Reader, is thus - what's a nicely accessible/gameable end of the world scenario nowadays? We've got plagues and environmental collapse, social upheaval, big rocks falling from the sky and blacking everything out...what else is there? More importantly, what hasn't been done to death?
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